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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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claim, johnny williams thanked him. >> i think people are fair. >> two hours after governor mcdonnell's lawyers left the attorney's office, maurine's lawyers met. >> there are several schools of thought about what the u.s. attorney's office will be. they are picking his replacement in two months. it could have a major impact on what voters decide. >> nsa admitted to breaking
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privacy rules. after a leaked audit revealed it happened thousands of times last year, one republican senator wants the court to step in. the british government gave the u.s. advanced information. miranda detained under antiterror legislation yesterday. closing arguments in the sentencing part of the bradley manning trial. army private could get up to 90 years in prison. the judge said they were dangerous. manning found guilty of espionage, theft and computer fraud. unrest raging in egypt nearly a week after government crack down of protesters of ousting of president morsi.
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>> former president morsi will be held for 30 dies. white house is calling for his release. >> it would include politically motivated detention of former president morsi. >> morsi led muslim brotherhood to sitting camps by the interim government. that violence has killed hundreds around the country. >> as president obama has said, we are reviewi ining every aspef our relationship. >> meanwhile, hosni mubarak
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could be released later this week. as more continue to die in the streets of egypt -- two dozen off duty policeman were killed execution style. it may not matter in egypt as the saudi foreign minister says they will make up for any loss that occurs. >> former egyptian president hosni mubarak could be released. he faces allegations he and sons face embezzlement charges and killing of 900 protesters that ended his 29-year rule. new at 6:00, he has been
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sentenced, convicted robber cairo dorsi. he was convicted -- ran from the courtroom. down four flights of stairs, took refuge in the ladies room. >> because of the security measures, if you think you are going to escape from this building, you are not. he is doing a far greater sentence because of his conduct during the trial and the escape. >> he left the women's room and started running, a juror tripped him by sticking out his leg. largest gun bust in new york city history. nypd ceased 200 guns. firemans discovery, military style weapons and silencer. >> what remains clear is that weak gun laws at the federal and
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state level have a direct dangerous and growing impact on the safety of our city. >> the weapons funneled from north and south carolina. wait is over for redskins fans, after seven months, burgundy and gold return to fedex field. >> home opener should be interesting to see, robert griffin iii obviously not playing. he was on the field going through warm ups. >> he looked good. >> he will not be playing but he is wearing a shirt called "operation patience." dante is out, merry weather out. a dozen players were doing
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intense work outs, brian and josh and nick barnet, will likely not be playing. >> kurt cousins will be looking to build off his performance touchdown to fred davis. it will be increased workload for cousins and starters. cousins has been a sponge at camp and talking about how much better he has gotten. the snaps he'll receive tonight will add to that. >> i haven't been told what my playing time will be. closer to a half. a lot of times better you play, sooner they pull you. hard to put into words and explain. growth is niet and day, ability to recognize defenses and quick
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decisions, running mechanics of quarterbacking have become second nature than 12 months ago. >> all right. kurt cousins, if you want to watch the game, 8:00. >> dr. james andrews will meek with mike shanahan, bruce allen regarding plans for rg3. >> like to be a fly on the wall. >> game coming up at 8:00. we'll talk to you after. >> big night for skins fans. >> i think generally it is going to be dry. game time temperature, 72°. pretty comfortable. talk about the rest of the forecast a bit later, brian. >> heads up on the new nfl
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security decision what you can and cannot bring to the field. >> we want you to help us tell the story about the march on washington, e-mail, tweet us or facebook. we'll share the stories over the next few weeks. 
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>> today in fairfax, trial underway for the man accused of murdering vanessa pham. suspect, julio blanco garcia was high on pcp when he killed vanessa pham. >> second set of fingerprints found on the knife of the murder weapon.
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knife had broken from the handle. >> defense admitted garcia is not guilty of pre-meditated murder. a man charged in a gruesome crime pleaded not guilty. 22-year-old alex killed 37-year-old cody with an ax last year and ate his heart and parts of his brain. he was attending morgan state university at the time and ordered to undergo treatment at a state hospital. new nfl security rules, female fans as they head to the game. one man proved he'll go to anything length to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
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>> heads up to redskins fan, new nfl security banning backpacks, coolers, luggage, diaper bags and purses larger than a clutch. fox 5's lauren demarco. >> reporter: i have lynn and sarah hays from outer banks. you have a nice big old bag here. you heard about the policy ahead of time online? >> we did. the ticket agency sent awes letter letting us know the rules have changed. >> which is helpful. >> i have one of my famous
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shirts i am going to put on after the game gets going. i am ready for it. whatever is for the best of the community, unfortunately in this world, unsafe matters, we'll take care of ourself. >> he is like a spokes person for the nfl. you can take in clutches, no bigger than the size of your hand, 4 and a half by 6 and a half inches. larger clear bags, 12x6x12. you can buy them at at the park $8. they are handing out ziplock
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bags. a lot of people had to go back to their cars and use ziplock bags. a bit of an inconvenience. it is running smoothly for the first day. latest at fedex field, brian? >> i know it is for a good reason, the nfl automatically markets merchandise. >> cuts out the middleman, we changed the rules, here is how you can abide by them. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> it is not going to rain, right? >> i don't think so. we saw most of the showers passing to our south. kids started back at school, brian. we had prince george, fauquier and fredrick all heading back to school. for the most part it was dry for
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all of them as they were heading back, perhaps a touch of fog here and there. not a bad day to go back to school. temperatures stayed cooler than average only in the mid 70s. if you have to go back, this is a good day. tonight a good night for football, 8:00 at fedex. looks like the weather is going to cooperate. slight chance of a shower. the clouds are breaking up just a little bit. per happen as little bit of humidity. nothing oppressive. 73° at game time falling to 70. for your friends it is a nice night for football. foggy spots may develop overnight. the moisture at the lower levels of the atmosphere. then get ready, august is coming
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back, a reality check, up go the temperatures and humidity. we are headed for the upper 80s. by the end of the week, lower 90s. this is much more of a typical summertime pattern. our sign says back to reality. a bermuda pressure. we get more of a south westerly wind. heat is on its way back. humidity climbing as well. 88° tomorrow, great beach weather. 90° wednesday with temperatures and humidity continuing to climb. mid 70s, so unusual for us, yesterday as well. tomorrow is the warmest day since august 13th. temperature is 75. it is pretty uniform across the
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area. only showers well to our west, shenandoah county, north of wood stock, kay upon bridge. clouds are trying to break up. we have had a disturbance coming through. plenty of moisture lingers across the south and looks like it is swept off as well. temperature tomorrow, hot, humidity, 88°, warmer wednesday at 90. next chance afternoon showers and storms, thursday, temperature of 89. frontal boundary is going to come on through and bring temperatures to reason l mid 80. average is 86°, brian. i think people are going to be complaining about the heat and the new nfl policy. >> thank you. after three weeks of camp at richmond, skins set to return to
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fedex. scott and lindsey live next.
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>> welcome out to fedexfield, lindsay murphy, scott smith. there will be a handful of guys not playing, robert griffin iii, operation patience continues. brandon merry weather, josh wilson. we saw trent walking around. he has pads on. >> he said he will play in the pre-season. in the first game week and a half go, redskins starters got 10-15 reps. you are going to see that increase. kirk cousins will lead first string offense. tonight will be great for preparation. you don't know how monday night football feels until you play on
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monday night. redskins will do that tonight on their season opener september 9th. this will be a good tune up players say. >> every pre-season game is another game for us t up for week 1 monday night against the eagles. >> you get an extra day to prepare for it. it is a good thing. i guess it is a good thing. >> it is going to be cool especially coming off the excitement. when you see the great turnouts in richmond, i can only imagine what it is going to be like in fedexfield. >> that first camp in richmond got rave reviews. this team got to bond. building comradery for three weeks hopefully translated to
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closer knit team on the field in 2013. >> we found out what we need to do to be a successful team. i think you have seen guys bond becoming a family. that is what we were missing. i am ready to blow it out. >> you can watch tonight's game on our sister station wdca my 20 at 8:00 p.m. >> taking on the cubs, jordan zimmerman seeking his 14th win. alex rodriguez introduced to a chorus of boos. three pitches later, dempster would not be ejected.
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yankee's manager argues and gets ejected. alex rodriguez gets his revenge, solo rip, center field, gone. yankees come back to win 9-6. we have football tonight coming up 8:00 steelers vs. redskins, my 20 and back to fox 5 and wrap it up. roger bernidino released from the team. i think the two switched lockers. >> sounds good. >> down to shawn yancy. >> a suspected drunk driver running from police in laurel. the entire chase caught on camera. more details about the bay bridge accident that sent a woman plummeting to the water
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below. those stories and more at 10:00. >> tomorrow we are going from 75 high today to 88°. it will be a little humidity. hottest day wednesday at 90. a frontal boundary could trigger showers and things level out for the weekend, brian? >> thank you, we'll be back at 11:00. tmz on tv is coming up next. see ya. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company] 
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> thomas gibson in a hot tub and this f.b.i. agent has a big machine gun. >> that's my water gun just in case. >> he is on "criminal minds" and plays an f.b.i. agent. he got catfished worst than i have ever seen. >> worse than manti te'o? >> second worst. >> mel gibson at the gym. >> when did he get so buff? >> come on, dude. >> he is going to kill all of the jews himself. >> the lindsay lohan/oprah interview, lindsay lohan is still lying about how much cocaine she did. >> i really haven't done it more than 10 times. >> she did it like for six


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